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The Growing Stars Project is an effort created to support school going children from poverty background and at the moment, there are 37 students under the care of Alpro Foundation. 

Some were from single parent family, some from orphanages, some were dependent on grandparents, some whose parents were ill, and unable to generate an income to sustain. 

Most of the students from this group dropped out from school, gave up their dreams and goals to get an income hoping to sustain and contribute to their families. 

Thus, Growing Stars is born to help support these students to continue their education. Every month, Alpro Foundation will be sponsoring RM 100 to each student via school, to help pay for their schooling expenses such as tuition fees, uniforms, shoes, and transportation to school.


Most of us during our schooling days, we do know or heard of at least one student who require such support. There are a lot more of such students who need our support nationwide and we can go further to support more students under the care of The Growing Stars Project. 

If you know of any students who needs such financial aid and support, you can fill up our Growing Stars Application form via this link:

Or if you are keen as a donor to support The Growing Stars Project, you are most welcomed to be one of our sponsors in this program. You can make a donation to:

Pemegang Amanah Alpro Foundation 
CIMB: 8009 8666 09